Some Australians Are Making blackjack  Careers Out Of Broadcasting Themselves Playing Online Pokies, Calling Themselves ‘casino Streamers’ 

Online creators are building large audiences streaming themselves playing casino games like slots, blackjack and roulette. The creators say they’re gambling with real money, and can earn money from paid subscriptions or endorsements and sponsorships. While some people fear that they’re catering to people with addictions, streamers claim their online content can offer a substitute for gambling. Visit Business Insider Australia’s homepage for more stories. Australians are building large online followings by broadcasting themselves gambling using real money in online casinos on video streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. And it’s surprisingly popular. According to the unofficial stream tracker Twitch Metrics, the ‘slots’ category on Twitch has been the 19th most popular category on Twitch in August. The site claims that users spent more than 12 million hours watching slots streams over the month. During the pandemic, more people have turned to online streaming as a form of entertainment. Primarily associated with video games, creators have carved out careers for themselves by spending hours broadcasting themselves doing an activity and interacting with their audiences. But outside of streams of games like “Fortnite” and “Fall Guys”, there’s a vast array of streaming categories, including streams of people making music, art, and, increasingly, playing in online casinos. Jaydan Jamieson is an Australian casino streamer who plays games like slots, roulette and blackjack on his Twitch account, TheOutlaw. The stream’s layout shows his screen – featuring whatever game he’s playing – overlaid with a camera feed displaying his reactions to the game and his audience. When he wins, he hoots and cheers. When he loses, he gasps and sighs. He runs giveaways and interacts with his audience. Jamieson has even hosted several charity streams which raised thousands of dollars of donations for cancer research. He believes it’s the community that he’s built that brings his audience back every stream. “I focus heavily on acknowledging the viewers whenever I am streaming,” Jamieson said. “I think that people like watching the streams due to my loud, outgoing personality.” Jamieson said that he gets an average of 250 viewers on each stream, and has more than 300 paid subscribers. Currently, Jamieson is streaming as a side hustle while he edits videos for bigger online content creators full time. But he is making money from it — he gets half of the $8.99 monthly subscription fee and is starting to earn money from sponsorships and endorsements. He hopes to one day make it his full time job. Like other streamers, the top few creators with the largest audiences appear to have quite lucrative careers. Adelaide streamer Captain Davo — who once posted a video of himself winning $250,000 on a slot machine — shares images on social media of expensive cars and frequent trips to exotic locations that he says are paid for by his winnings. Captain Davo did not respond to request for comment. On the other end of the spectrum, there are also online amateur communities built around sharing video clips of their online wins. Facebook groups with more than 100,000 people share their own streams or short videos of their wins. The administrator of one Facebook page, “Big pokie wins australia”, said that they built their following of more than 28,000 likes by accident. “A few years ago I would gamble quite a bit and had some massive wins so I thought I would post them. Eventually, my page grew quite large,” they said. When asked, they say their audience’s motivation for watching varies from person to person — but that many of them may have a gambling addiction. Jamieson believes that, while some people think casino streaming is damaging, his streams can help people with gambling problems. “The community that I’ve garnered tell me constantly that the streams actually prevent them from wanting to put money into the casinos,” he said. Like many other streamers, Jamieson shows the wins and loses — “and we generally don’t come out on top,” he said — and he claims that stops the audience from having to experience those losses themselves. Readers seeking support can visit Gambling Help Online or call 1800 858 858. Business Insider Emails & Alerts Site highlights each day to your inbox. Follow Business Insider Australia on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

´╗┐The GTA Online Casino blackjack Is Open Now – It's Time To Lose Some Money 

© Provided by GamesRadar GTA Online Casino For many years the entrance to the GTA Online casino was firmly barricaded, to the point where players rightly speculated that the "Opening Soon" sign at the doors was nothing more than a cruel ruse. Thankfully, those fears were finally proven unfounded in July 2019, when the Diamond Casino & Resort staged a gala launch and the downtown Vinewood area of GTA Online was transformed by the addition of this business. The GTA Online casino allows you to trade GTA$ cash for casino chips, which you can then gamble on slot machines, virtual horse races, and a variety of table games including Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette. If gambling isn't for you then there's still plenty of other activities linked to the GTA Online casino to take part in, including a fresh series of story missions based on protecting the casino from a destructive gang of investors, lots of new GTA Online casino cars to add to your garages, a Penthouse suite that you can decorate as you see fit, plus an extensive casino heist to plan and carry out. Players had been trying to get inside the GTA Online casino since the game first launched back in 2013, with many rumour, hoaxes, and fan theories circulating about what's being going on inside, so it's very exciting to see that perennial "Opening Soon" sign has finally been removed. Here's everything we know about the GTA Online casino. GTA Online Solomon movie props | GTA Online serial killer | GTA Online peyote plants | GTA Online signal jammers | GTA Online action figures | GTA Online playing cards | GTA Online casino chips | GTA Online casino Penthouse | How to host Casino Missions in GTA Online | Secret GTA Online Casino Missions | GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch | GTA Online Prime Gaming benefits When did the GTA Online casino open The GTA Online casino finally opened on July 23, 2019. Why has it taken so long to finally open the doors? There are a few theories out there, including Rockstar potentially wanting to avoid uproar about players gambling away their real cash on virtual games by introducing a second currency to GTA Online that can't be bought with real money – Chips are used as currency within the casino, which can be obtained from the Cashier in limited quantities. It's likely that the recent introduction of poker gambling to Red Dead Online was used to test the waters for GTA Online, but hopefully this provided the data they needed to make the casino work. What games can you play in the GTA Online casino Unsurprisingly, you can play Roulette, Blackjack, and Three Card Poker in the GTA Online casino, going up against the house using the new Chips currency. There are also Slot Machines themed around various entertainment properties from the GTA world such as Twilight Knife and Impotent Rage, and the Inside Track where you can gamble on virtual horse racing. On top of all that, there's the Lucky Wheel you can spin to win prizes including Chips, cash, clothing, or even a high-end supercar if you get really lucky. What else is on offer at the GTA Online casino By investing in a VIP membership to the GTA Online casino, you'll unlock all sorts of perks including valet parking for your vehicle, an aircraft concierge on the rooftop helipad, a limo service to take you anywhere free of charge, access to the VIP lounge, plus high limit tables to really up the stakes if you've got Chips to burn. To obtain VIP membership, you'll need to purchase a Master Penthouse suite at The Diamond, so let's hope you've got enough GTA$ in the bank. These Penthouses above the GTA Online casino are the pinnacle of luxury, and are completely customisable to meet your partying needs. As well as an opulent master bedroom with access to the Roof Terrace, complete with breathtaking views and an infinity pool, you'll be able to upgrade to install a private Spa complete with personal stylist, a Media Room to watch movies in comfort, and a Bar area that comes with a set of retro arcade machines to play on. Perhaps more importantly though, purchasing a Master Penthouse gets you into the casino business, opening up a whole new set of missions to help the owner and staff protect your investment. You'll receive a special award the first time you complete each of these missions, and finishing the entire story as host will unlock a much sought after vehicle for free. Additional work will be available via the casino's Head of Operations, which will earn you Chips as well as cash. GTA 5 Cheats | GTA Online patch notes | How to play GTA Online | GTA Online beginners guide | How to make money fast in GTA Online | How to level up fast in GTA Online | GTA Online fastest cars | GTA Online fastest bikes | GTA Online best weapons | GTA Online best paying missions | GTA Online Gunrunning | GTA Online Shark Card You can also check out our predictions for GTA 6 in the video below:

´╗┐Robert Deshaies II's New Book 'Blackjack - 22' Unravels blackjack Captivating Pieces Of Poetry That Voice Out One Man's Soul 

RAVEN GREGORY, Calif. - August 28, 2020 - (Newswire.Com) Robert Deshaies II, a student, writer, poet, and lover of all literature., has completed his most recent book “Blackjack - 22”: a gripping and potent literature collection of pieces that reflect the thoughts, joys, and journeys of one person across life. Robert writes, “This is me. This is what I have learned. This is the story behind that journey. This is also poetry.  Don’t overthink it. Cheers!” Published by Fulton Books, Robert Deshaies II’s book is a well-written novel filled with verses and paragraphs that hope to touch the hearts of every reader as it carries inspiration and enchanting messages. Captured on every page is a journey. Readers who wish to experience this profound work can purchase “Blackjack - 22” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble. Please direct all media inquiries to Gregory Reeves via email at gregory@fultonbooks.Com or via telephone at 877-210-0816. Related LinksFulton Books Press Release Service by Newswire.Com Original Source: Robert Deshaies II's New Book 'Blackjack - 22' Unravels Captivating Pieces of Poetry That Voice Out One Man's Soul